Dream (Abstract Rhyming Poetry)… for MDMA & CS(NaNi)<3



no im Hopefull for a time, Im Hoping

to find you through the door in the sky

In the sky, I mean my eye, see my eye? 

see the door? real high!

see it? look! can you try? 

Well I

Can, and

Im Hopefully wondering when

My eye can see you again.

No not you here, THERE!

in the air, in door in the sky Remember?


Im dreaming, and there you are so pretty

Wishing I could fly, and you could fly with me

Wishing i could see you laugh, and you would smile with me

take my hand, i really want to show you something

no peeking or my something means nothing

i promise, you promiseSAY YOU FUCKING PROMISE

wait, ok… i see you peeking stop ityou promised

please, cmon, its awesome when i put you on this

ok ready? open your closed eyes, tell me what you see


pleaselook a litte deeper

feel it? yeah let it feel a little steeper

love, its all love … the only thing i have

once you appreciate it, it really aint so bad

or i can let you sit and think of a deeper meaning

dont get up to fast, lets enjoy this. we’re dreaming

dream of the rythm, dream of the colour

dream of the prismshapes of something other

than the norm im bored, the norm is so boring


this dream is addictive

completely habitual, causes addiction to become vindictive

and evil, if not from a pure place

a pure soul, your face

has me seeing, dreaming, believing

in LOVE, love such an entity

you have no idea what you being here meant to me 

it meant to me were meant to be

i love youi love you

now i believe in us two, too

i trust you, i trust you, you

will guide me, confide me

cause i would be a fool to be empty

of dreamingwoahDMT

im dizzy but i see it clear

far and near

i fear ill come back to reality

such a fatality to these dreams that happen to be

beautiful, so beautiful, the poetry

my visions, my thoughts, its my dream, only me

...and you, if you let me

bet me that i cant make you dream

but dont sweat me, in due time

i love you inception. two times

dream with me.


Bye :@LaithHPoetry

© Copyright Laith Hakeem “LaithHPoetry” 2011